Women Stereotypes

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She remembered. She remembered the time she was called fat. She remembered the day she saw the magazine cover and thought “I’ll look like her one day.” She remembered the day she was not good enough. She remembered. All the days she tried to compete for what was not even there; what was not real; what did not exist; what was merely an illusion. All tainted by the fiction media creates and destroys all at once. Media corrupts young teens into believing in fantasies consumed by entertainment, leisure, image and appearance. The media portrays femininity in an unrealistic manner which is rendered through their use of sex appeal, strong visual aspects, women stereotypes. Through various forms of media, women are objectified and shown as…show more content…
Some of which include, the dumb blonde, the mother/ housewife, and the femme fatale. As in the case of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” there are only two female characters who are polar opposites. Snow White being the epitome of goodness and the other of evil. However, both characters long for qualities of femininity. The Evil Queen wants to be the fairest of them all and Snow White wants to marry her one true love. These values show that The Evil Queens’ idealistic beauty is to be white and fairer. As for Snow White, she is shown as being dependent on men as her only goal in life is to marry her one true love. Much like a subordinate clause that cannot stand alone, Snow White emphasizes the role of male dominance over women, and women are then percevied as weak and dependent on men. Snow White is also shown as a loving motherly character who performs tasks typical to housewives. She is seen cooking and cleaning and singing as if she enjoys this work and that is all she ever does. She is portrayed as passive, submissive and weak as she only ever follows orders from other, and never thinks for herself. Furthermore, the seven dwarfs adopt Snow White in their home only after they realized that she can cook and clean. Which again emphasizes male dominance. She takes care of them like her own children showing affective nurturance which indicates Snow White to be a motherly figure. The imagery media creates towards young women in society is that of a patriarchal society whereby men control women and are superior towards them. The media molds the culture and attitudes of people into one of women who seek validation by men of their values. They begin to feel less empowered and weak as the men draw an unrealisic conclusion of their power over women. This reflects and shapes social realities as women are told to behave a certain way that is perceived as being
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