Anthem By Ayn Rand: Literary Analysis

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In Anthem by Ayn Rand, the importance of individual freedom and self-worth is flawlessly outlined. This dystopian novel shows the struggles a man goes through when dealing with society. In a collective system the importance of the whole society or group is far more important than the individual. The citizens of this collective society have been led to believe that they exist solely to serve their society and they have no other purpose. This society basically forces and enslaves its people to do whatever the leaders want it too. This society functions as if it is a hundred years advanced than the unmentionable times, but it is actually a society far less advanced than the world we know today. The main character of this novel Equality 7-2521 later known as Prometheus is someone who endures slavery, just like any other person in that society, but he doubts laws and questions them more than his brothers ever dared. He has a memory of watching someone being burned at the stake after saying a forbidden word. At the moment he was set on fire he…show more content…
She is not a street sweeper like him but also works for the greater good of society. She is similar to him in the way that she always breaks the law when they are together without question, but she never doubted society or the laws they followed. And if Equality 7-2521 didn’t come around she probably never would have left the home that taught her all she knows. International 4-8818 is another character that symbolizes the struggle these people face he is like Equality 7-2521 in that he does have the urge to break with society but he believes that something is holding him back from doing this. He is the one friend that Equality 7-2521 has and at the end of the book when Prometheus wants to bring his brothers to build a new history for man he is most likely thinking of people who were loyal to him like International

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