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Aditya Shah 3A 9/2/14 Thor vs. Odysseus What comes to your mind when you hear the names Thor and Odysseus? Similarities, this is the word that comes to mind when Thor and Odysseus are compared. In many ways Thor and Odysseus are similar but the most intriguing ones are their struggle for order and chaos, their fatal flaw, and the driving force behind them returning home. When you take away every layer of both charters then you are left with the same force, or will that is driving their journey. One of the first objectives for Thor and Odysseus was to bring order, and eliminate chaos. There were many obstacles in the way for Thor and Odysseus, for example Thor had to defeat the destroyer to bring order and peace to earth, while on the other hand Odysseus had to defeat the giant Cyclops to save his crew and escape from the cave. In both of these examples they use bravery, wit, and their powerful trait. They are also willing to risk their lives to bring peace to the people. Externally the way each hero overcomes chaos and brings order to the people, may look different but if you peel away all the layers then they start…show more content…
Thor is in a rush to return home so he can stop Loki from wiping out the entire race of frost giants. Thor is also in a hurry to return home so he can prove to his father that he is a changed man and is worthy enough to become a king. Odysseus is in a rush to return home so he can regain his kingdom and see his wife and son again. Odysseus also wants to return home so he can stop his wife from marrying another suitor and cheating on him. Even though they seem like 2 drastically different reasons to return home, they consist of one important idea, they want what is best for them, and those around them. Thor wants to save the frost giants and make his father proud while Odysseus wants to save his relationship with his family and his job as king of

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