Antiquated Characters In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is a work of gothic science fiction by Mary Shelley. The protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, befriends Robert Walton while moribund, resulting in a burgeoning amity between them, and a promise to satiate Walton’s curiosity by telling him of the dangers of cognition, a recurring theme in the novel, by narrating his life hitherto, when they found him at sea. Victor talks of his youth and family/friends, and after the death of his mother, was sent to study at the University of Ingolstadt in Germany where he then studies anatomy. Victor then uses this erudition to animate a monster, who due to human cruelty, uses his learned comportment of violence to get revenge on his creator, resulting in the death’s of many of Victor’s loved ones. When Frankenstein encounters the monster, he narrates the story of his struggles in hopes that Victor will create him a consort while also promising that he and his partner will leave forever. Hesitantly, Victor consents, but then realizes the perils of such a promise, and breaks it. This infuriates the monster who kills more of Victor’s loved ones. Victor swears to find the monster and end him, resulting in his own death, ultimately leading to the monster’s suicide. Some people believe that reading antiquated texts has no place in today’s society…show more content…
English students are often asked to find themes and expound the importance. Often times there are multiple themes and students are asked to pick which they cerebrate is the most germane. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has themes expressing dangerous cognizance, monstrosity, secrecy, and good vs evil with perspective. The importance and advantage of a novel or writing piece with multiple themes is that it gives the readers more to work with and gives valuable knowledge and information, while additionally letting students analyze the paramountcy of the themes and what they gain from

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