Stereotypes Of Feminism And Women

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A majority of males think that feminism is a thing that females have made up to be the superior gender. I know a lot of boys who say that they believe in equality of the sexes, but not feminism, and that makes no sense to me, because it’s the same thing! People around the world are treated incorrectly. Everyday people are victims of serious issues varying from cultural appropriate to rape to a woman getting payed less than a male. Men and women all over the world are getting affected by these issues. We need feminism to help make everybody equal, despite their differences. Currently, males are the superior gender; they get more rights than women for no reason. Right now, a full time working female will still make less money than a male…show more content…
Feminists are fighting for the equality of everything- gender, race, ethnicity, preference, etc., not only white females. People fail to recognize how much feminism supports everyone of every background. There are so many activists trying to get more equality for people with different ethnic/racial backgrounds. We are trying to make sure every culture keeps their uniqueness and are allowed to express their beliefs. A way that we are helping this cause is by trying to stop cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is when people with different cultural backgrounds try to make pieces from a different culture a trend in their own. People all over are starting to wear dreads, kimonos, head pieces, etc. into their own culture, because they find them interesting/cool looking, but that is not okay. We are trying to make sure that every culture is protected, and not made into “today’s hottest clothing…show more content…
When people hear that a woman had gotten raped, they usually ask things like, “What was she wearing?” or “What did she do/say to him to make him do that?”. Only a few people blame the rapist in situations like these, most choose to blame the victim for wearing clothing that is considered revealing. What women wear shouldn’t affect whether they get home safely or not. Everybody should be allowed to wear what they want, wherever they want. Another issue with this topic is that people don’t realize that men can get raped/sexually assaulted too. I’ve seen many cases where men have gotten raped by women and all people say is “he probably wanted it” or “all guys like sex,” i’ve even seen comments that mention how attractive their rapists were, and that they should be lucky to go through that. We need to help people realize that rape is rape, no matter the gender it happens to, it is still a criminal offense, and it should be taken seriously. Many countries around the world don’t find rape bad if it happens in a marriage, because they think that once you are married that you should allow your partner to do anything they want with you. Everyone has right to their own body, and they should be allowed to say no whenever they want to. Married or not rape is rape, and allowing people to get away with this offense will only make other people find it

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