Women In The 1920's

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The 1920s gave American women nationwide an all access pass to factories, flappers and flasks. This decade was merely the springboard for future generations of women. The significant events that took place in the roaring twenties left a great impact on women.The 1920's was a revolutionary era for American women all over the country because they were finally able to support their families financially, to obtain an education, and to flaunt their fashion. In the year 1920 women gained the right to vote through the passage of the 19th Amendment. For the first time in their lives all women could now vote in presidential elections, this new found freedom lead to many changes in american society. Traditionally, women did not have much freedom…show more content…
There were only a few careers available to women.There were only a few careers available to the average woman which often included being a hairdresser at a salon or a clerk at a department store. There were only a few select options for a college educated woman, such as being a teacher, a nurse or a social worker. Most of the college educated women were single because a man in the 1920's did not have a desire to be with a self-supporting woman due to the popular belief that women had previously been viewed as only as mothers and domestic housewives who care for the household. "The women, is nearly always the cheap or marginal worker, and … she is expected by the public and employer to remain one" (Gillon ,Matson 685). Meaning women had to be able to prove their self worth, and their ability to work hard in order to be accepted in society. If a woman does not reach societal standards she will be shunned by the…show more content…
"Although women of all ages enjoyed greater freedoms in the 1920's, the young were the most adamant in claiming as their own" ( Carlisle 21). Young women of the 1920s had broken free from their mothers traditional appearances by wearing garments that were much shorter, and more obscene. Elderly women at the time did not approve of the new scandalous styles. American women of the 1920s impacted the history of fashion greatly because they battled with society to make trends acceptable. The newly adapted fashion trend was to slim down their body and give themselves a small boyish figure. While previous generations of women preferred to give themselves a more voluminous

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