Women In The 1920's

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Today, society is more tolerant of different people and how they live. In the 1950s, being single and pregnant was unacceptable. In 2015, there are many more single, teenage mothers and our world has learned to be more accepting of it. In earlier times, if women were single and pregnant, they were forced to drop out of school and sometimes were even sent away to live with relatives or live in homes for wayward girls. Because of single women getting pregnant, there was a strong need for contraceptives that were effective and easy to take. Although there were some women who were single mothers, most women got married and then had kids. Many women got married around the age of 19 and started having kids very soon after and there were very few…show more content…
In the 1920s, a major historical event occurred: giving women the right to vote. On August 18, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified and it gave women a sense of being more equal to men. Most women wanted to be included because politics affected their daily lives and they felt that they should have a say just like the men did. However, some women actually didn’t want the right to vote. Some believed in the “separate spheres” idea saying that men’s and women’s roles should not be intertwined. These women believed that women should only be concerned with their home, children, and religion and that men should be concerned with business and politics. Toward the end of the decade though, women were more involved with political decisions and even though they had little power, it was a step toward gender…show more content…
One thing they did was that they protested the Miss America Beauty Pageant in 1968 to diminish the fact that at times women were symbolized sexually. The Miss America Beauty Pageant advocated beauty and looks and most women were not for the pageant and decided to protest. Another drastic thing women did to protest against being symbolized in ways they didn’t want to be, was creating a “Freedom Trash Can.” Women threw objects such as magazines (Cosmopolitan and Playboy), heels, and hair curlers into the trash can. They ultimately wanted to set the trash can on fire but did not due to city laws. These protests gave women a lot of attention and sent a very strong message. The Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1960s made many positive changes relevant to their basic rights in the home and in the workplace. Although women still are not completely equal with the men today, women have come a very long

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