Adh Literary Analysis Of A Doll's House

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ADH Literary Analysis In the story A Doll House nonfiction by Henrik Ibsen Nora the main character says “And yet it was splendid to work in that way and earn money. I almost felt as if I was a man” (Ibsen 144). That quote shows that Nora has never had to do anything rigorous and had to work for anything. It shows Nora has had it easy her whole life because earning money makes her feel man. In Nora’s society husbands are considered the leaders of the home, so they make all the decisions which women have no say in. Therefore women in Nora’s society are considered to be just a pretty object that man keep under control and submissive. This very much contradicts with how the present world is and how women are viewed in society. “Nora,…show more content…
An example of this is when Tovald says this “Is it the squirrel frisking around?”(Ibsen 145) to Nora, also when he says “When did the squirrel get home?”(Ibsen 147). These quotes are very dehumanizing and they make Nora look less and less of equal to Tovald and its pretty horrible. In the current society women are strong and independent and make a lot of decisions they are definitely not an object for anymore. In present society women are world leaders, presidents, business owners, and family leaders. Women are seen as equal to men in most parts of the world.” Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life your proud to live”- Anna Sweeney (president of Walt Disney). This quote was said by a very successful women who worked very hard for her life and has achieved success. This quote means as long as someone lives a life there proud of rich or poor you should be happy, if someone is a women and they have ambitions they should fight for there dreams and goals, as long as they live a life there proud of. There is a big difference between Nora and the present society. In the play ADH women are a doll of men and they are supposed to be submissive. In the present society women are independent they are strong and they make and they fight for there voice and most of the time are

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