Why Is The 1920s Good Or Bad

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The general public considers the 1920's to have been a good time for most Americans. I think that during the 1920's many good things as well as bad occurred. There are many opinions on whether the 1920's were really that great. It all depends on the angle that you view it at. Of course many good things happened but to any good thing there are bad things that happen as well. So in order to get an accurate opinion on if the roaring 20’s were really that great you need to make that judgment based off of everything that happened during that period. To start out lets begin with the good things that happened. It was in the 1920's were women were started to be seen as so much more than just women. By that I mean that women even till this day but even…show more content…
After many years of fighting and the start of the Woman's Suffrage Movement women everywhere were finally having their chance. It was during this time the 19th amendment was passed on August 18th which allowed the women the right to vote. Their hard work and their fight to get equality was finally paying off and things were starting to change. They were starting to recognize them as being equal to men. They were no longer being seen as weak and not being able to do anything. They were now starting to be viewed as something powerful. From having the 19th amendment passed a new “kind of woman” arose which was called a Flapper. Flappers were young single women who brought forth a new way of being. Flappers typically had short bobbed hair, wore lots of makeup, would drink and smoke which that was typically only something men were expected to do and was not considered very lady-like for women to do, they would wear short dresses, and show off their skin. All of this showed how women were starting to feel more powerful and more equal to men since they were starting to do things and not care what they said. Women were basically starting to portray a bigger and better role in society. During
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