Woman Initiative Case Study

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Woman Initiative is brilliant Idea that came in mind of Mike Cook to empower women and change the mindset of exclusive male who have assumption about woman, like “She is not fit for this position “, “She might leave the company in between project”,” It’s a dirty environment she can’t work”, “Client’s won’t be comfortable with her” etc. Well, company needs to come out of orthodox thought and assumption to have a healthy work culture environment inside the company. The company like Deloitte was a classic meritocracy and has a simple rule “If you do good work, you will be rewarded”. So should get equal opportunity to perform and do well with the good working environment inside the company. Work life balance is the important factor in good work…show more content…
2) Less opportunity for the woman in career advancement. 3) Work life balance in the company. On the Basis of report Task Force organized the workshop on “Men and women as Colleagues” to educate and change the thought process with respect to gender biasing in a company. Attendance was mandatory for the workshop. Things started changing from male partner to female partner. Task force brought some operational changes like proper Assignment of the work, Bringing in the flexible work hour, Gender biasing policy in the firm while holding people accountable for the work and compared to the benchmark firm has set. The result of the Initiative is outstanding Deloitte was performing well in 1998 it ranked 14 into 100 best companies to work for, In 1999, Deloitte came #8th position. Deloitte has brought Cultural Revolution with women initiative. Deloitte also used his women initiative to market the firm to the new clients. The Number of women in key Leadership position grew from 14 to 61. The Number of women admitted to partnership in 1993 to 1998 increased from 13 to 33 [Exhibit 4]. So the initiative works really well, their sequence after seeing the reports and piece of…show more content…
• Gender stereotypes: Women are supposed to be shy, submissive can’t handle bigger responsibility. They should work in clean jobs like teaching, nurses etc. • Work-Life balance: Women has to take care of the personal life kids, husband. She has to devote time for family. So some of the TOP jobs need more time which affects the women working in top end jobs. • Lack of networking skills: Networking activity sometimes is a stereotype and marked at masculine. Women don’t participate in some of this activity. • Physical factor: It is assumed that women are physically weak and they can’t perform well for long hour job need. Jim Copland and his team on time to time basis should create a task force which could work in women empowerment. Women should be given maternity leaves, Flexible work hour, and equal opportunity. Should ensure proper health and safety of the women and men. Provide training and education and professional development for the women. Should have a women support and respect policy in the firm. Strict action should be taken to whosoever misbehave with women in the firm. Ans

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