Mgt1103 Task 3 Essay

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Group Assignment MGT1103 Task 1 (a) Problem 1 – Sunny request to increase the production of application processor by providing constant limited resources. For example, it is like he is giving 100% input resources but he want 120% of output in return. It is nearly impossible to increase the production when the supporting resources remain unchanged. The functions of management is to Plan, Organize, Lead and Control. During the planning process, Sunny does not taken these important matters into consideration, which is the duration and scope of planning and the internal external influences. Therefore, he is planning it in the wrong way, it might be efficient but it is not effective. The limited resources provided neither human nor non-human resources could not cover the production of application processor she want. (b) Problem 2 –…show more content…
Based on 3 levels of management, the top level of management managers does not require more technical skill as compared to the first-line managers. Technical skill is the ability to apply specialized knowledge or expertise, example to realize and understanding the function of tools and skill. Although Sunny gave a good suggestion that all department managers equip themselves with technical skills, but this is not very suitable for all levels of management. Top level managers need most of the conceptual skill because it is necessary for them to perform the long term thinking, predictions and identity problems for the company. The top level managers will have to prioritize their time to identify company threats that needs to be eliminated, and the chances and opportunity that have to be seized by the company. Therefore, it is not necessary for the top level managers to attend the

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