Wolf Evolution

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How did the wolf evolve into the modern dog? P1: Introduction: get reader interested Now i know many of you are probably wondering how a wolf could transform into a dog. You probably have all of these questions that you’re looking for the answers to. Well that’s what i’m here for, to give you the full scoop on evolution between the wolf and the modern dog. Wolves eventually evolved into a modern dog through Artificial Selection. Humans breed wolves with specific characteristics. P2: Thesis statement: Dogs evolved… could be combined with intro P3:When did wolves evolve? What drove this evolution? Wolves hanging around human settlements became tamer (explain), flight distance, etc. Tame “protodogs” bred by humans to produce ____________…show more content…
Studies have shown that, “Dogs can be left alone during the day if necessary, but usually requires attention throughout the day”(Diffen 1). A dog can be a house pet and once a dog becomes a house pet it relies on Its owner. They rely on their owner for various things such as being feed. Dogs are more likely to be confined into a single home so they can't go out and get food on their own so the owner is the one providing the food. Dogs can be domesticated and they’re great companions that is why they’re suitable as pets at home. Dogs are good with children, the small kind to be more specific. Dogs in the streets usually roam in packs and always live near humans even if they don’t have an owner. The scavenge off of human waste. Wolves have stronger instincts and they live in packs farther away from civilization. How the physical traits changed? Dogs have cuter traits and they have a wider range of traits due to the domestication. They have shorter snouts, a wide range of coat colors, thinner legs, and a very thinner coat. Their brains are smaller than a wolves because dogs require less calories to survive. The paw of a dog is half the size of a wolves and most dogs tails curl upwards unlike a wolf. On the other side wolves have longer muzzles and legs. The have larger feet and a broader skull, so they have larger brains than a dog. They have a narrow chest with forelegs pressed into it. The elbows point inwards and feet point

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