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Should wolf hunting be allowed in Sweden? The wolf have been seen throughout the centuries as dangerous predator and pests for life-stock farmers. Today the opinion about wolves differs broadly in Sweden, and has been a popular topic of debate for years, on whether or not we should allow wolves in the Swedish nature. In the following text I will write a brief conclusion of the history of the Swedish wolf, discuss the importance of not allowing wolf hunting, argue for the positive benefits of having wolves in the Swedish forest ecology, and provide facts to answer common misconceptions about wolves. The wolf have lived with alongside humans throughout history and it has created a mistrust towards the animal. The mistrust of the wolf in Sweden…show more content…
The reason being mainly; they are the ones who is affected by it, wolves feed almost exclusively on wild prey. Unfortunately domestic animals, mostly sheep, is sometimes a convenient source of food. It is challenging for farmers to find ways to protect their pets and livestock, sadly some turn to illegal hunting. The illegal hunting is a huge problem for the wolf population, it is hard to estimate how many wolves dies each year from it, which makes it hard to keep track on how many there are left, and also reduced the immigration of wolves from other counties like Finland. This affects the wolf population by increasing the in-breeding for the Swedish wolf. There are solutions out there, to help people and wolves to live side by side. If farms are provided with predators repellent fence, when rightly installed and managed. It provides efficient protection to domestic farm animals in captivity. The Swedish Carnivore Association offers help to farm owners with funding as well to correctly install the fences, farmers also receive compensation from the state for killed, injured and lost animals.5 Because of the mindless hunting driven by either unnecessary fear, lack of knowledge or plain ignorance. The survival of this animal is threatened, and therefore wolf hunting should not made legal. The impact from wolves in our ecology would be useful to our nature and to us as well in the

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