Speech About My Dream

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I was totally wrong to keep hopes that the love of my life would support me to build my dreams. I wondered, why as I running for a person who couldn’t understand me and keep choices between him and my dreams. I think he know that I am drowned in his love and do whatever he says. For a moment I felt like Jaya Bachan of Abhimaan. Is he jealous of me? Can’t he see me rising high? Did it hurt his male ego when his girl is superior to him? But we girls do feel proud about if our guy is talented and one in a million. We will jump with joy praising him all around the world. But I never found a man doing that. Why am I going for a man hurting my parents and fighting from my destiny who doesn’t want to support me? Manhood is not just on the bed, it is the dare to stand for the girl he loves. Girl is not just a piece of meat for man’s pleasure. They too have dreams. What’s the difference between my parents and Neeraj? They stood in front of my dreams and didn’t allow me for IIT and now Neeraj is doing the same. Thousands of people queue up for auditions and it will take a day or two to complete that. I can’t…show more content…
I forgot my longing for the audition when I heard those magical words from him. I felt like I got salvation from the great pain. Everything was normal again. I remembered the story of a parrot when I was in school. The master of the parrot loves it and made a golden cage with luxurious bed and provided fresh chilles. But the parrot wisely escapes from their in spite of lots of love and caring. The same was with me. I had parents who provide me everything I want and a loving boyfriend but I couldn’t decide anything for myself. All those luxuries are waste if there is no freedom. Animals too prefer freedom than the luxury. But that was a parrot, an animal and I am a human being who is bound to relations. I can’t just fly like that
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