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Gregory Lynn Williams III Mrs. Becker September 18, 2015 Why Do We Sleep? — An interview with Professor Wisden In the twentieth century, Sir Henry Dale, discovered that histamine helped caused acid secretion in the stomach that was also in allergic reactions. Sir James Black helped improve our knowledge of histamine within our peripheral organs. His team developed drugs that would put walls up against histamine receptors to help treat allergies and extra acid secretions. Soon, histamine was discovered inside the human brain by a professor that goes by Jean Charles and his buds. They couldn't figure out why histamine was inside of the brain, what its purpose was. But soon they discovered that histamine is used to wake people up. Other scientists who continued the studies suggested that histamine plays a part in the arousal circuity in the brain, and when we do sleep the histamine neurons are inactive. A Chinese PhD wanted to know why GABA was in the brain so he created a lab using mice. He had one set of mice that didn't have histamine neurons that could stimulated GABA and another that could. His studies concluded about how the mice that could only produce histamine slept less and did more work within 24 hours than the mice that also produced GABA. The scientist weren't shocked to see that GABA acted against histamine, but they were…show more content…
The question was asked, "Do you think it will ever be possible to reduce the amount we sleep or stop sleeping over all?" The summary of their response is the following; "We need to figure out why we need to sleep to understand why we can't go without it. I always find falling asleep pleasant and waking up slowly. But I do believe that being asleep takes up a bunch of time. I would rather finish what I'm working on than getting tired and having to finish it later after hours of sleep. Which seems to be a waste of

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