Comparing John Grogan's 'Marley And Me'

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Marley and Me By: John Grogan Michael Rabinowitz 10/6/2014 The book “Marley and Me” by John Grogan was written to express the relationship in which a man and his family can develop with any animal or more specifically with this book a dog. After seeing the movie, I became very teary eyed because of how sad the movie was as well as how much it related to me mainly due to the fact that I was in a similar situation. But when I found out that there was a book for “Marley and Me”, I knew there was going to be much more detail and explanation that would allow me to connect even more , which I did and is why I enjoyed the book so much better than the movie. In relation to the class I can now see what is meant by a human and animal interrelationship by observing it through the words of the book and reliving it myself. I chose this book because as I was growing up and actually saw the movie as an early teenager, it felt like my family and I were in a similar situation as John and Jenny in relation to Marley, and now…show more content…
Even though John and Jenny had a very good relationship, they both denied each other on their suggestions which made them both very flustered with each other. After their fights, John and Jenny always resolve to listening to their favorite musician Bob Marley because he makes them both calm. Bob Marley has been a part of both Jenny and John’s life ever since they have been together, and since they have been married it always seems to bring them together no matter what the situation is. Once Bob Marley’s most popular song and John and Jenny’s favorite song come on, both John and Jenny agreed the puppy’s name should be Marley. After debating whether Marley is an appropriate name John finally decided on the name based off of Grogan’s Majestic Marley of Churchill for the paperwork. Within the second chapter there are no human and animal relationships

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