When The Tide Waves Short Story

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When the Tide Rises “Race you there!” Senne yelled to Ari as they bounded down the hill towards the vast ocean. It was the middle of a hot June afternoon in California and the sand burned their feet as they raced to the water’s edge. Exhausted, they fell to the sand and laughed. The smell of the salty sea lingered in the air as they started the annual game of who can build the best sand castle. Ari shouted, “I don’t know why you even bother anymore, I always win.” Senne yelled back, “That’s because I always let you win!” They spent the rest of the afternoon delicately building their sand castles, placing every grain of sand neatly on top of the others. Until finally it was time to go. They raced through the hills once more and through the little village they called home, all the way to the their little straw roof houses next to each other overlooking the ocean. They had grown up together in those houses and named them too, Ari’s was Azula and Senne’s Tide.…show more content…
This time, however, sad news hung over Senne like a treat hangs over an awaiting dog’s mouth. Ari quickly noticed the sadness on her best friend’s face and asked him about it. What Senne said would change everything, “I’m moving in two days. My mom decided the house was too big for only the two of us and we are staying with my cousins in Montana until we can find a place there of our own.” Senne watched as Ari’s face became grief stricken and she ran home crying. Senne thought of a way to make the separation easier and found something that would

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