Why Veterans Are Important Essay

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Veterans are important to our nation’s history and future for many reasons. Without veterans life would be so hard and different. We wouldn't have our freedom, we wouldn't be as safe as we are, and finally without our veterans some of us may not even be here. In 1776, the revolutionary war started, we also earned our independence in this year. If the veterans would have lost in the war, we could still possibly be owned by Britain. Thanks to our veterans the United States of America is a free country. Veterans put their life on the lines for our freedom and everything that we believe in and stand for, and some people don’t get to experience all the great things in life that we get to do every single day. And this is all from those veterans…show more content…
Only veterans of that fought in the war know what it was like and only they have real experience from which to comment on the reality and morality of that war. Because of this veterans should hold a unique position, commenting on current and future wars. Commenting on the real potential costs, the possibilities of success and the reality on the ground. Nobody else is as qualified to talk about such things. It is far too easy for society to put the cost of war in life and limb to the soldiers themselves, the enemy and the civilians caught in the middle to the back of the collective consciousness, veterans who have lived war then become our societal institutional memory. Veterans are important because they are here to remind us of all of our soldiers who have gone to war but didn’t come home alive. They fought for our country, our freedom, and our independence. Without veterans, we would not live in the home we call the United States. They are also very important because they remind us of the freedom that we are blessed to have, but often take for

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