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CHARGE!!! This is the final word spoken by many of our veterans. Veterans are needed for our country’s moral. Veterans fought for our freedoms. Veterans defend our freedoms today. These are the reasons why veterans are important to our history and future. Veterans are needed for America’s moral. They are in every part of American life. Many people have family members and friends in the military. Some have served their country already. Others are currently in the military fighting for our freedom. Many have also died on the battlefield fighting against evil. Veterans give America’s troops a reason to fight today. During World War two our troops had to overcome steep challenges to defeat to Axis powers. They were fighting for a free world and a better tomorrow. Many of the things…show more content…
During the twentieth century veterans fought in wars against dictators that wished to strip our freedoms. World War two is one of the most important wars in history. During this war many American soldiers died to protect our freedoms. They fought a Japanese force that attacked America in Pearl Harbor and killed thousands in the Bataan death march. They also fought a Nazi power in Europe that killed millions in the Holocaust and even more Americans in Normandy. This is just one of the wars our veterans fought in. Veterans fought in the Revolutionary war to gain freedom and end British rule. This was the first war America ever fought and was the most important to our future, and without the brave veterans that fought America would never have gained independence. These are just the wars that have already happened. In the future everyone would like to imagine that the world is peaceful however the likelihood of this being the case is unlikely. Because of this, our veterans need to be ready and always on guard against future dictators that wish to attack America. These future attacks are most likely to be terrorist

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