Mechanisms Of Control In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four 1984

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George Orwells novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (George, 1949) illustrates both external and internal mechanisms of control in which they are no opportunities for rebellion or liberation. The concept of mental and physical modes of control and how they interrelate are explored. Forms of liberation or rebellion against the party are evaluated and discussed. There is no space for rebellion and liberation in Oceania. The language in Oceania is Newspeak, according to the text the language has not been used in the present year 1984 by means of communication or literature. The language is a form of internal mechanism control that is implemented to narrow the range of thought of the citizens of Oceania by the party INGSOC (English Socialism). Newspeak is…show more content…
They were no opportunities that might have existed to rebel against the totalitarian party in Oceania. The party had rules and agendas that all citizens must follow, it has shown in the novel that every act of rebellion against the party resulted to be unsuccessful and that implies that the party has absolute power over the citizens of Oceania. The first act of rebellion was Winston owning a diary, whereas freedom of expression was against the party rules. Winston wrote on the diary how he felt about Big Brother, how much he hated him. When Winston had possession of the diary the Thought Police had already knew about it even when he thought he can use the diary in his apartment without vision of the telescreen but he was mistaken. He also engaged in a sexual relationship with Julia for a while, in some way the relationship was hope for him that he was not the only one who was a rebellion against the party, and that there might be hope for liberation. The relationship with Julia did not end well as they were convicted by the Thought Police together. Winston also joined the Brotherhood, an organisation which is said to be against the party and the leader was Emmanuel Goldstein, he joined through O’Brien and as a result he was framed by the party for them to identify him as a rebellion. In that case one cannot even be sure if such organisations exist. All these rebellions against the party proved that no opportunities for liberation

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