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Job description – Laboratory technician’s job roles can change on a daily basis as there are different things to do throughout the lab every day. They are involved through the chemistry, biology and physics fields. As a technician vast majority of the work is laboratory based, and this can be working alone or working as a group for experiments to collect data and evidence. If you are interested in doing all of these things, a lab technician could be the perfect job for you. Having an eye for detail and being able to easily solve problems in the lab is helpful within this job role as it allows the job to be done to a higher quality. It is a rewarding job as there are many fields within science which tech different roles and skills which could help in day to day life. Job requirements –…show more content…
A degree in subjects which improve chances of getting a job as a lab technician can include: • Biology • Chemistry • Physics • Pharmacy • Forensic science • Medical science • Environmental science Skills – The skills within the job are very important as these will be used on a daily basis. These skills are key as they help to be able to move forward within the job role and to be able to work at the best ability possible, these skills include: • Precise practical and technical skills • Have an organised work schedule • To know what the health and safety regulations are • Attention to detail • A positive approach to work • Interest in maths • IT skills • Communication skills • Ability to work alone or with other people • To be able to train new members of staff Hours, income and conditions

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