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In the history of basketball, there have been many great players, from George Mikan to Kareem and Bird to Jordan. There has also been Kobe and Lebron. Those are some of the greatest to ever play the game. Championship rings, MVP’s, Rookie of the Year, they did it all. But, one player changed the game to make it a better sport. His name was Wilt Chamberlain. He did it all, the original all-around player. He was so good that they changed the rules of how the game was played because of him. He was dominant. He, to me, was the greatest to ever play basketball. Born on August 21, 1936 and originally named Wilton Norman Chamberlain. He was a beast. He started his career for the Philadelphia Warriors (Now Golden State Warriors) in 1959. He was really a record breaker. He broke any scoring record you could ever imagine, he played more than a full game each game. He won MVP in his first season(Nba.com)! He would have great rebounding numbers, with about over 20 a game. He had an Eight foot wingspan, two feet shorter than the rim (Nba.com)! He even averaged over 50 points a game once. The only thing that could stop him were the Boston Celtics, and defensive specialist, Bill Russell. Although Wilt outscored Bill by 81, the celtics took the series, 4-2(nba.com). For a decade, they would meet each other eight times in the playoffs(nba.com).…show more content…
It was the New York Knicks going against the Philadelphia Warriors. After the game, Wilt holds a sign with the number, “100”(Photo taken by Associated Press’s Paul Vathis). He scored 100 points. It was a first and only time someone scored 100 points. The weird thing was, Wilt didn’t want to break a record that night. He did it the same season he averaged 50 points in a season. There is no evidence of that performance, but there were many photographers. It was one of the greatest performances in NBA

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