Persuasive Essay On Christopher Columbus

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Cristoforo Colombo, or his more common name, Christopher Columbus, has been remembered as many things throughout the ages, from an expert navigator to an opium addicted madman to a world wide hero, he’s done it all. But is he worthy of the title “Father of the New World”? Must his actions be judged by today’s standards? Should we continue to celebrate Columbus Day, despite the man’s flaws? I think that Christopher Columbus should be seen for what he is, a murderer, a maniac, and a bully on a religious crusade which nearly wiped out an entire culture, and that America should regard him as such. The explorer known as Christoper Columbus purportedly discovered the Americas and is renowned for his accomplishments as a sea captain and expert navigator. In fact, Columbus didn't discover anything. There is an enormity of evidence that points to the discovery of the Western Hemisphere long before Columbus and his crew set foot on…show more content…
On Christmas Eve in 1492 the Santa Maria ran aground and that was only one of 9 ships that crashed under Columbus’s command. This could have been because of the unpredictable reefs in the Caribbean, but it could also be because Columbus was an Opium addict, which could have impaired his alertness, leading his ships to crash. It’s also worth mentioning that Columbus bullied and lied to the Natives to get them to trade with him. In February, 1504 Columbus told the Jamaican Natives that God would make the moon “rise enflamed with wrath” to show how angry he was with the Natives for their refusal to trade. On that night, the moon darkened and turned red, the scared islanders immediately provided provisions for Columbus and his crew, begging Columbus to ask God for his mercy. So why do we glorify this drug addicted bully? There are much better men and women who have changed the world just as much as Christopher Columbus yet still don't have their own

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