Why The Grandmother In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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If younger generations would take time to listen to their elders speak of times past and heed their wisdom of life would, more than likely, turn out fine. The Grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor seems to fit the elderly person who tries to provide her wisdom to her son and the Misfit. Additionally, the Grandmother is always providing instances of “in my time, should of, would of, and could of’s.” Essentially, O’Connor portrays the Grandmother as a round character with singular way of thinking until the end, which is brought on by a deeper impact through the minor characters that ultimately pay her no attention through disrespect and blaintant disregard of her thoughts. Charters’ explains that a character “is a person…show more content…
The grandmother mentions that the children “should see other places of the world and be broad” where as Bailey’s wife “doesn’t seem to hear the grandmother” (O’Connor 1042). This further proves that the adults she lives with ignore her like a child begging for something they don’t need. Furthermore, the disregard of her thoughts is driven in by grandchildren who actively disrespect her by saying “she wouldn’t stay home to be queen for a day” (O’Connor 1042). The grandmother isn’t blind to how she is being treated by commenting on how in her day “children were more respectful to their parents and everything else” (O’Connor 1043). Instead, she uses it to her advantage by telling the grandchildren a fictitious tale of family silver hidden in plantation house so she could have her son listen to her through the now enthusiastic children who want to see this house (O’Connor 1046). Once they meet the Misfit, the grandmother enters a dialogue with an adult who seems to listen to her for the first time in the story. The Misfit is the most respectful character shown by using phrases such as “yes ma’am and I pre-chate it.” Ultimately, the misfit gets tired of the Grandmother, when she realizes that her son was given an upbringing by good people similar to the

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