A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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The word good has several definitions and can hold several meanings in the English language. One definition of good is to be worthy of respect; or deserving of honor. While another definition of the word refers to being socially correct or proper. In terms of people in who is the one that judges how good or bad a person is based on the actions they make, and how it the moral goodness or badness of an action is measured. In the end of Flannery O’ Connors story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the grandmother is killed by someone she called a good man. And after the conclusion of the story the only thought that remained was, can any person be considered wholly good or bad? When trying to determine the moral goodness or badness of an action there…show more content…
As the men in the car get out holding guns the grandmother recognizes that one of them is the misfit that she read about in the paper earlier. It is here that for the first time in the story the grandmother speaks honestly and tells the escaped convict “The Misfit” that she recognizes him from the paper. It is here that the true consequences of her lies earlier in the day become present. It is also here that it becomes hard to understand how the grandmother would describe a good person. She gives some indication when she said that “I know you must come from nice people!” it is clear from what she says that it deals less with a person actions and more with the type of people that raised them. And when the Misfit says that “God never made a finer woman than my mother and my daddy's heart was pure gold” which would support that her thoughts of a good person coming from good people. After looking at the story up until this point one might think that the grandmother is probably should not be viewed as a good person, due to her lies and cover ups lead her family into this situation. But here the O’Connor is leading the reader to believe that her judgments of the

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