The Influence Of The Dalai Lama In Seven Years In Tibet

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Throughout the movie Seven Years in Tibet there are many important events that happened that influenced Heinrich Harrer spiritually, religiously, and emotionally. The one person in the movie who had the biggest influence on Heinrich was the Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama was a young teenager who wanted knowledge of the world outside of Tibet, so he invited Heinrich to teach him. During this time was when Harrer was influenced a lot. One way Heinrich Harrer was influenced was culturally. Coming to Tibet Heinrich was a cocky, greedy and, self centered kind of a guy. Heinrich’s culture was mainly influenced when he met Dalai Lama. When Heinrich started spending time with Dalai Lama he realized how selfless the people of Tibet are and it really opened his eyes,. During this time spent with Dalai Lama he was exposed to the teachings of Buddha. After recognizing how selfless the people are it made him change emotionally. Dalai Lama was also influenced by Harrers teachings to him about the western world. Dalai is raised very strict and has to live by certain customs, but when Heinrich is around he throws the principles out the window by sitting on the same level as Heinrich and also making eye contact while learning about the western world. Culturally Dalai got a better understanding of the customs in the western world.…show more content…
While in prison he received a letter from his wife that said, when he returned she wanted a divorce and she was going to tell his son that he died in the mountains because he looked at his step father and his real father. This made Heinrich cold hearted and he didn't want to return to Austria. Later after spending time with Dalai Lama he goes from being cold hearted to charming, kind and selfless. Emotionally Dalai Lama was already kind hearted, but he then grew attached to Harrer and developed a good

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