Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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The book Pride and Prejudice starts with a common opinion that a wealthy man must marry and a girl must marry a wealthy man once she gets the change. The idea that was accepted at that time allows girls to dream to marry a man if he is in good possession. From mothers to young ladies marriage is seen as a way of having a steady and comfortable life. In addition to the goal of having a wealthy life, it is necessary for young ladies to find a husband because of the matter of entailment. Meaning that the property of a father passes to a man rather than his daughters. Also, that matter of the entailment attracts men and leads men to search for a wealthy woman. In Pride and Prejudice except for Elizabeth women are seen in a search of a wealthy…show more content…
She is determined to find her true love and her unique character that differs her from other girls who despairingly seek a spouse to have a comfortable life and marriages. Before a marriage, Elizabeth prefers to be patient and be sure about her feelings toward the future husband. As in her relationship with Wickham, she realizes that she actually didn’t have strong feelings toward Wickham when she learns that he shifted to another girl for the sake of money. Miss Elizabeth considers the two marriages that Charlotte and Wickham differently. She thinks it is not the same if a man marries for money and a woman marry for money. For Elizabeth, it is not acceptable for a young lady to marry without love but with an expectation of having a comfortable life. So she even finds it hard to promise Charlotte to visit her home because she feels sorry for the ones that marry for money and find them lack of “merit or sense”. She has strong beliefs in finding true love. So Elizabeth shows her attitude toward marriages when she rejects Mr. Collins proposal twice. Elizabeth attitude toward marriage is different from most of the girls in the novel. For example, Miss Bingley, who tries to marry Mr. Darcy, makes everything to impress Mr. Darcy. She pretends like reading despite not having any interest in literature. This show how strong women’s desire could be for a son of a wealthy family. In contrast to those girls, Miss Elizabeth impressed Mr. Darcy
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