Why Is Thomas Jefferson Created Equal

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One issue that stuck out in my mind was the fact that Thomas Jefferson had slaves. He says that he believes every man is created equal, but yet he owns slaves and forces them to work for him. I have always been taught that your actions speak louder than words, so does he actually believe that every man is created equal? How can he possibly believe that when he has slaves of his own? In my opinion, if he actually believed that every man was created equal, then he would have set his slaves free. He would have given them the opportunity to make a life for themselves, get married, have children, and be happy. Did Thomas Jefferson believe that every man was created equal but then some lose value like today’s possessions do? This “belief”…show more content…
That fact that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves surprised me. Also, the fact that he had shelves or panels in the walls so that he did not have to see his slaves. To me it seems that he would not be able to look his slaves in the eye after publicly saying that every man is created equal and then going home and living a totally different life. He must have felt at least a little guilt when he saw his slaves because of the double life he was living. Could this have been why he had panels or shelves in the walls so he did not have to see them? Another thing that surprised me about Thomas Jefferson’s slaves was that they were all related in one way or another. I do believe this article changed my opinion of Thomas Jefferson because looking back now, he was basically a liar. He claimed to believe that every single man was created equal, but yet owned many slaves on his plantation. This just does not add up to me. How can you believe one thing but then do the total opposite? How did you know that he was not lying to you about other matters as president of the Unites States of America? This matter just makes him seem untrustworthy. He was basically telling you exactly what you wanted to hear about him, but then behind closed doors, he was
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