Abnormal Psychology: Symptoms

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I. According to Merriam Dictionary, a symptom is a physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of a disease or an addiction (Merriam and Merriam). With someone who has a sexual addiction, emotional and physical symptoms are the most accurate to look for (Kingston and Firestone). Though you should not diagnose anyone, looking for these symptoms can be a healthy tool. a. Emotional Symptoms can be either positive or negative and can include a series of emotions such as anger, anxiety, or fear (Kingston and Firestone). There are many emotional symptoms to look for in someone who is addicted to sex. i. They may become easily involved with a person sexually or emotionally no matter if they know them well enough or not.…show more content…
Someone with a sexual addiction have a fear of being abandoned, therefore they may either stay in an unhealthy relationship, or they may have issues with being with one person. iii. They may also feel lonely, empty, and/or incomplete when their by themselves because they have this desire to fill an unfillable void. b. Next we have the physical symptoms. Physical symptoms are common in depression and some disorders. There are very few physical symptoms for sex addicts. i. Immobilization is the most common and more than likely the only physical of sexual addiction. 1. This can occur because of the sexual and emotional obsessions. (Link: Second, what are the forms of sexual addiction?) II. Though there is no specific category, sexual addiction can come in different forms (Iwen). The most common forms of sexual addiction are pornography, prostitution, masturbation, fantasy, etc. a. One of the uncommon forms of sexual addictions are fetishes. i. A fetish addiction focuses on an object, not a person (Merriam and Merriam) ii. This allows a person who is a sex addict to engage in sexual intercourse without having to make human contact. iii. This stimulates fantasy for human contact. b. Another uncommon form of sexual addiction is…show more content…
Promiscuous: is the practice of having sexual intercourse with several people (Merriam and Merriam) ii. This allows a sex addict to engage in sexual intercourse without meeting the demands of a relationship. iii. This gives short term sexual pleasure, as well as continual loneliness. (Link: Finally, what are the short term and long term effects of a sexual addiction?) III. There are several effects that sexual addiction can have on an individual (Short). It can effect one’s life, their financial standing, as well as ones character. a. The short term effects of sexual addiction are a combination of things. i. Sexual addiction can cause a deterioration in personal and family relationships, as well as cause a decline in family engagements. ii. This can cause a decrease in productivity and concentration in work and activities and have an effect on an individual tremendously. b. The long term effect(s) of sexual addiction are also a combination of things, but not many. i. One can easily catch a Sexually Transmitted Disease, STD, that cannot be cured, such as HIV or AIDs. ii. It can also cause psychological disorders such as substance abuse, depression, and/or

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