Edwards Case Digest Analysis

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Transcript of a Segment from the “Shaking the Ropes” Podcast Jeff Mac: And we are back for the final segment of our “Enemy Territory” preview. The final announced match for the undercard pits James Edwards against Lord Raab. Robert what are your thoughts on this contest? Robert Hawkins: I’m taking Lord Raab in this one man. Jeff Mac: That’s an interesting choice, why him? Robert Hawkins: It’s a pretty easy choice when you compare both wrestlers. Lord Raab is a huge dude. We’ve seen James Edwards take a pounding from larger competitors like Seth Daniels and Vin Wesley. I just think that he’s going wear himself out trying to take Raab out and then the big guy is going to drop the hammer on him once Edwards runs out of energy. Jeff Mac: That’s solid reasoning and I agree with you. Edwards has a lot heart and so much potential but that only carry you so far. The only tactical advantage he has in the match is his striking but the reach advantage heavily favors Lord Raab. I’m just not sure if the kid from Kentucky will be able to get close enough to land any quality shots. Now if he could take it to the ground then Raab would be in a world of trouble, but Edwards is not very polished on the mat so I don’t see that being a viable option for him. It just does not look good for James Edwards going into Monday night. Moving on to the main events...…show more content…
It is an unusual nickname but it suits me well. I’m the kind of man that when backed into a corner can summon tremendous will that is fueled by a person filled with passion. Make no mistake going into our match in a few days my soul is burning with passion. The world is ready to see me fail. My memories are haunted by my past failures. I’m driven to prove every single critic wrong. I’m ready to fight to prove that I’m one of the best of the world. You can damn well bet that after Monday I’m gonna make you and every single mother fucker that doubts me

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