Hypocritical Freedom Analysis

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America represents a deptive and pseudo society. Who tries to portray a successful and democratic image which is all achieved through flawed capitalism. Where only about 6% of the people are on top while the other 94% are struggling. The top 6% also are mainly the ones that hold a political office and have access to the power of making whatever abrupt changes they please that best benefits their businesses. While the common workers are maltreated with unreasonable laws that they have no power to refine. Several authors have reflected and spoken about the hypocritical freedom and democracy America truly represents. The working class are allowed to be violated and poorly treated because of these laws and the people holding political office…show more content…
Freedom isn’t a “privilege” it’s a “right” that should not be “detained by fraud and violence” (Banneker). Anyone who is “cruel” enough to do such thing should be “found guilty of that most criminal act” (Banneker). Unfortunately, those people aren’t going to be punished anytime soon because it’s a never ending cycle that they have no purpose to stop -besides just having morals-. Florence Kelley in her poignant speech, emphasizes how young these workers are exploited. These young girls are working more and harder labor than even some adults. Through careful diction, Kelley conveys this morose and grim tone. Though Kelley describes the type of work these girls are doing, she was very euphemistic when it came to the physical and mental abuse these jobs caused. Because these children are so gullible they easily experience maltreatment in the work forces. Little girls are working through the night, for eight hours or more, “while we sleep” they are tormented by “the deafening noise of the spindles and the looms spinning and weaving cotton and wool, silks and ribbons” all for us to buy sooner or later (Kelley). The rest of society is benefitting from these poor girls suffering but isn’t that the root to capitalism, slavery,

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