American Revolution Changes

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Many revolutions were occurring during the late 1700s and the early 1800s such as the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution. All made a significant change in the world today but the American Revolution was special. Not only did the American Colonists made a new nation, there were political changes and social changes after this Revolution. It was revolutionary because there were many political, social, and small economic changes. Before the revolution, the colonies were originally governed by the elites from England. But it was changed during the Revolutionary War. After the colonies were separated away from England and the the war began, the newly governed states began to try the democratic government. Theories…show more content…
Although females and slaves were still not equal to the men at the time, the white men, either poor or rich, was "created equal" as Thomas Jefferson wrote on the constitution. This got rid of partially, but a little bit of the social hierarchy between the poor farmers and the rich plant owners at the time. This was a big change considering how it worked when the Americans just came to the colonies since their social and political were all coming from England. Because of these change socially, "even hired servants eventually became hard to come by or control. White servants refused to call their employers 'master' or 'mistress' for many the term 'boss' because a substitution". Also, this Revolution helped to spread freedom and the idea of liberty throughout the colonies. Because of this, the slaves tried to seek freedom by escaping from the owner or going into the continental army. There were not many social changes occurring to women but it definitely changed their mindset about equality. This mindset "made possible the anti-slavery and women's rights movement of the nineteenth century" (Wood). After being able to contribute to the freedom of America and making a new country, females gained more confidence and started to want more equality as men such as education and gender role in
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