Compare And Contrast Essay On The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby represent the American dream because he started from zero and became a wealthy, successful man. That is what the American dream is about. Gatsby’s dream is Daisy and he uses everything to become an upper class person through the money. But Gatsby earned his fortune illegally. He uses his wealth to get closer to Daisy. The 1920’s American dream has become corrupted and is not worth to follow, for example: hard work and success doesn’t have any value anymore. Instead of working hard, and reach their dream that way, people just want money and and high society status as quickly as possible. Many characters in The Great Gatsby are wealthy and have high social status, but they are not happy, even Jay Gatsby is not happy with all his money.…show more content…
For example, the money, they are both very rich. They both like parties and that fame that they have. Of course they are also very different. I can see the difference between them in their previous life, and that different background that they have. They come from separate worlds. Gatsby’s family was very poor and they didn’t have anything, but Tom’s family was rich and has a lot of money, Tom got his money from his father unlike Gatsby. Gatsby is rich because of himself. He became a millionaire because he was a bootlegger. Tom was an educated person with a large amount of money and that probably made him an egoistic person. He believes that he can get anything he wants. He treats his wife like she is his toy. Gatsby is a completely different person. Everything that Gatsby wants is Daisy and all the things that he did was for her. Gatsby’s goal was to win Daisy back and have those memories that they had together again. He was still guiltless and that is why he was the person who took the blame of the accident, to protect Daisy. Gatsby is a very protective person. He tried to stay away from everybody. He lied to people, for example Gatsby lied to Nick about his previous life to protect

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