Why Is Smoking Important In The 1920s

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In the 1920s, there was a wide spread of the idea that smoking was good for you. People believed that smoking was healthy for you as it relaxed the smoker. In the 1930s and 1940s, smoking became common for both men and women in the United States, and a majority of physicians smoked. At the same time, there was rising public anxiety about the health risks of cigarette smoking. One strategic response of tobacco companies was to make advertisement that referred to physicians. As ad campaigns featuring physicians were blooming through the early 1950s, tobacco executives used the doctor image to make sure the consumer believed that their brands were safe (Gardner 2015). Smoking propaganda was very influential in the 1920s which is why everything tobacco companies claimed was positive and no anti-smoking ads were made due to proof that smoking was bad. Smoking is a long term damage (Doll, 2004) which is why many people in 1920s did not think that smoking caused a negative effect on anybody since everybody started smoking and…show more content…
For many Americans, the growth of cities, the rise of a consumer culture, the rise of mass entertainment, and the so-called "revolution in morals and manners". Sexual mores, gender roles, hair styles, and dress all changed profoundly during the 1920s. But for many others, the United States seemed to be changing in undesirable ways. People in the 1920s focused more on looks because there was huge focus on social appearances. Everybody wanted to stand out and have fun doing it. (Mintz & Mcneil, 2015). 1920s was a time where Americans focused a lot of entertainment and pleasure. Nobody cared about anything because there was nothing to care about. The economy started to go up and everybody had money for luxuries. So Americans would waste that extra money on entertainment. Smoking become one of those luxuries. It was seen as a luxury as tobacco ads portrayed smokers are classy men and

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