What We Do In The Shadows

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What We Do in the Shadows is a 2014 pseudo-documentary directed and written by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi who were also two of the main actors in the film. The fake documentary follows the lives of 4 vampires, Viago, Vladislav, Deacon and Petyr living in a tattered old house as flat mates. The film uses a deadpan style satire to dissect for the audience a day-to-day life of the ‘secret vampire society’. While a clear plot is not necessarily given the to film, as the style of the film provides a more slice of life or reality TV content, the overall story tells of Nick, a normal human who had been invited to the vampires’ home for ‘dinner’ turning into a vampire after being bitten by the oldest vampire, Petyr. Following his change, Nick…show more content…
The home of the vampires is decorated deliberately in an old fashioned style with timeworn furnishings and scratched wooden wall panels to match the ages of the four vampires, ranging from hundreds to thousands years old. This worn-out way of presentation increases the realism of the ‘documentary’ as it seems that everything was left as it was and placed without plan. There are many wooden furnishings present in the scene where Nick sits down at the table to reveal his newly acquired vampire identity to Stu. The wooden look further contributes to the nostalgic out-of-date impression of the mise-en-scène. An interesting aspect of the settings in the scene is the lacy tablecloth covering the top of the wooden dining table; this detail clashes greatly with the identities of the group of male vampires who live there. An example of this contrasting décor is earlier on in the film, Deacon stated, “Vampires don’t do dishes!” while sitting in front of the lace top table and doing some knitting. This type of ironic outburst combined with the setting is part of the comedic charm of the mockumentary. Other than the comedic interest, the garment is also able to add a homely and distinctive quality to the otherwise dull
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