Why Is Stealing Wrong

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Draft Your Essay Piracy is stealing, and it should be prosecuted for several reasons. Stealing means to take something without permission, and that is exactly what people involved in online piracy do. Both, making the copy or using the copy of an original work is illegal. So, the users who think that the person who commits the piracy is the only thief are wrong. As the number of the people who are using a pirated version of an original work keep in increasing, the more money the original owner would have made. What if there was not piracy? The original owners would have had earn what they deserve, but since stealing is easier and it is not worth money, people rather use this method. A copyright is a form of protection granted by the laws of the United States to the creator of an original work. Once an original work has been protected, it means that to make a copy of that certain item is illegal. Every time people are downloading files, music, software’s, and other copies of original works. They are committing the crime of theft. Making the owners of the original works, impossible to earn the money they were supposed to receive. How are they supposed to keep on creating if their creations keep getting robbed?…show more content…
If the creator does not receive any money, he or she does not have the capability to continue on creating. Therefore, if original works continue being illegally duplicated and downloaded for free in an individual’s computer, the original creators are going to stop producing. Put yourselves on the shoes of these creators. Think about all that time and money that they have put into making whatever they were trying to sell, and then not gaining anything in return. It’s not fair, inventors make this in order to get money back, and they get

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