Comparison Between 'The Necklace And Thank You Ma' Am

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The characters that are read about in stories are more than just tools serving the imagination of readers; they offer an insight on the story being told. Characters are defined by the author and the author’s use of characterization; however, aside from bestowing depth to characters, characterization also provides a better perception of the plot and the conflict. The authors of the stories, “The Necklace” and “Thank You Ma’am”, whose names respectively are Guy De Maupassant and Langston Hughes, do not differ. Guy de Maupassant utilizes the use of characterization to reveal the internal conflict of the main character, Mme. Loisel. Mme. Loisel is characterized as an extremely charming woman. Mme. Loisel is torn between her want of wealth, due to her beauty, and her reality, which is life in a lower middle class family. In “Thank You Ma’am”, Langston Hughes employs characterization to grant the reader access to the characters’ background and how it affects the conflict. Roger pickpockets people, which leads to the main conflict of the story, because he does not have anyone supporting him and lending him guidance. The conflict and plot in each of these stories are broadened by the insight of the characters and their natures. Guy de Maupassant uses characterization in his short story, “The Necklace”, to help the reader recognize the internal conflict the main character,…show more content…
Characterization is used in Langston Hughes story, “Thank You Ma’am”, to enable the readers’ understanding of the motives behind the main character’s actions and how the motives drive the conflict. The main character of the story is an underprivileged boy, named Roger, who does not have much money. He procures things that he desires by stealing items, such as pocketbooks, from random victims of the street. “‘There’s nobody home at my house,’ said the boy. ‘Then we’ll eat,’ said the woman, ‘I believe you’re hungry—or been

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