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Coming of Age Through An Education Lone Scherfig's An Education (2009) is a coming of age story that mimics the human condition, which tends to not be all sunshine and rainbows. The ups and downs of life are appropriately displayed, creating a realistic plot that viewers can relate to, and actively engage with. The narrative does not hesitate to delve into some unpleasant emotions experienced by the characters. This film is neither completely a comedy, nor a tragedy—though it contains aspects of both. An Education imitates the life of high school students, including the pressure to do well academically, graduate, and be admitted into top-ranking schools. There is also a great focus on family, as the adults consider the best way of parenting,…show more content…
This is a story that countless people can connect with as they experience life's transitional periods and occasionally feel lost. Through Jenny's story, perhaps more answers can be provided when it comes to what one should focus on and cherish in order to be content. Focusing on the life of Jenny, An Education is a character-driven film. There are no perfect figures in the film, adding to the realistic effect. David Goldman only seems perfect, which gives off a feeling of 'too good to be true' to viewers as Jenny sees the relationship through rose-colored glasses. Jenny, upon discerning David's true colors, also later points out the hypocrisy of her father's views on education…show more content…
During her time with David she wonders why she should not enjoy herself. Ultimately, the minor episodes between her and David as they date lead to the action of her dropping out of school, and finally returning. The title of the film is appropriately named, as education, again, becomes the focus of her life. The complication of the plot related to education is her grades dropping, teachers becoming disappointed with her lack of effort, and her finally leaving school when she believes she will marry David and have everything she has ever dreamed of—a life of fun and adventure. The denouement is when Jenny begins studying again, applies to Oxford, and is finally admitted in. The obstacles of her gap in education are able to be overcome, as Jenny put in the intense work she had been neglecting previously. From the standpoint of her love-life as well, the complication and denouement can be viewed as her dating David and their breakup, in contrast with her meeting other men at Oxford and pretending she has never been to France, either. Jenny can start her life anew with a more child-like wonder. Through Jenny's experiences when she was young, she is finally able to become mature and more knowledgeable about the world around her by just simply living in the moment, and not forcing herself to grow

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