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“The human race tends to remember the abuses to which it has been subjected rather than the endearments. What's left of kisses? Wounds, however, leave scars.” In Trifles Susan Glaspell satires the relationships between the men and women in a small town, and how the gap between the two lead to dangerous consequences. The distance the men placed between themselves led one to be murdered, and the other to be deceived by the very women they believed loved them. The women in Glaspell's play have been abused for the most part mentally. This mental abuse led all of the women to group up with one another and form a sort of family between themselves with the men excluded from their lives. The men of the town see this connection as nothing more than womanly bonding, and not a force…show more content…
Throughout the play Glaspell places certain parallels between the men and woman, almost satirizing the relationship showing men as giant oafs who care for nothing, and figure anything made by a woman is a trifle. The men pay no attention to the women for much of the play only seeing them as belonging to each man. With conversations that speak of the sheriff's wife being married to the law which allows them to trust them. When spotting jams and preserves that were made by Mrs. Wright they brush off the broken jars as nothing more than sweet. The woman of the town though see this as something else. they understand the hardships of making preserves and placing them in the jars so that they stay good. Glaspell wants the the reader to see the woman as empathetic, but not the men. The men also have another side that is shown when looking at the kitchen compared to the women. The men don't care about why anything happens so long as their job is done and they can go home. While searching the kitchen all the men can do is complain about the physical things. Their focus lies with the mess that is in the kitchen, but do not see what the

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