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Who was Napoleon Bonaparte and Why is he Famous Today ? Napoleon Bonaparte was a political theorist and emperor of France. He is most famous today for being an astonishing French military general. Rising to particular prominence in the French Revolution he commanded multiple regimes eventually leading several successful campaigns throughout the Revolutionary Wars. Rising to emperor in 1804 he disbanded many territories claiming them for himself and won an immense majority of his battles throughout the decade he ruled. His largest legal accomplishment made was the inception of Napoleonic Codes which are still taught throughout military academies worldwide. In 1814, he was defeated by the Allied forces at the Battle of Leipzig and exiled. He escaped in 1815 and once again only the rule for several months before his final defeat at the Battle of Waterloo and was lastly exiled by the British ,never to return again. He eventually died in 1821 at the age of 51 and shocked grief within the population of…show more content…
It resulted in the end of the French Empire east of the Rhine River. Napoleon's army which consisted of 185,000 troops took on the Allied Army respectively commanded by multiple generals. Following Napoleon's retreat from Russia in 1812 he began to mount a decisive mount upon Germany in 1813 however due to his failed attempt to capture Berlin ,his army was forced to retreat west of the Elbe River. When the Allied Powers threatened his line of communication he had no choice but to mount an empire upon Leipzig. On October 18 , the Allied Powers established a perimeter of Leipzig and their numbers continuously grew forcing Napoleon to retreat beyond the Elster River ,but his plan was faulted as a corporal blew up the bridge to cross. Despite the Allies slowly following them with their injured number of 30,000 troops the French were taken prisoner the next

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