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Westward expansion is one of the greatest American stories, in which lead our country as a whole to be what it is today. This expansion started along the East Coast, and continued until the Pacific Ocean was reached. The term Manifest Destiny- the belief that the United States was destined to stretch from coast to coast- influenced westward expansion. The original thirteen colonies of the United States were settled along the east coast of North America. For many years, very few settlers went beyond the Appalachian Mountains. As the country continued to grow and gain independence, more land was needed. Because of this, the country began to expand into the western frontier. Even before the American colonies completely won their independence…show more content…
Louis by September 1806. With journals in their hand, they reported their findings to President Jefferson. They recorded their contact with the Indians and described/drew the shape of landscapes, plants, and animals. William Clark drew a series of maps that were very detailed, naming rivers and creeks, the shape of the river shore, and spots where they camped each night or stayed for long periods of time. Many of Jefferson’s for the expedition were fulfilled. The men of the expedition were welcomed as heroes. Pioneers began to move west, however, the voyage wasn't easy. Many of them got sick along the way. Although the pioneers were working their way west, the Native Americans had already been living there. The Native Americans claimed they weren't moving, because the land was already there’s. This caused conflict to arise. In 1830, President Andrew Jackson urged on Congress to pass the Indian Removal Act. This gave the government permission to relocate any/all Native Americans to the west of the Mississippi River. The Native Americans believed this wasn’t fair, and attempted to put up a fight. Whites began to steal their livestock, burn houses, and take land that didn’t belong to them. This led to destruction of the already diminishing numbers of eastern

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