Excerpt From An Epilogue To Crake's Cabin

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Cabin Story I was walking though the woods it was a quite day you heard the branches going swish,the wind howling and the leaves crunching like a burnt steak. I walk for servile minute until a came upon a cabin. This cabin had very weak base the wood was splitting cracking and had terminates. I thought nothing of it, how wrong I was. Crake boom you heard the lumber jacks of the area but this was only one not two or three or five but one. I heard this scream the one that sends your hairs up the death scream! I sprinted in the other direction but then stopped and thought of something what if that was me, I would want some one to help me to save me. This was stupid I thought even the crows were scared. I thought this was funny. I was starting to hope for a scream or something that would lead me to the lumber jack it came from the way of that old log cabin the rotting one. As I approach the cap in I ducked when I heard water dropping I hide in a pile it smelted of something has rotted flys were every were looked to my left And what I saw made me so frighten I jumped to the spot of it.…show more content…
Their is a murderer in this forest and I'm In the middle of it all! I jump out of the leaf pale and sprinted towards the woods far away from the cabin but as i ran past the cabin I saw something awful in the cabin I saw body's off humans in a clear body bag was this killer here for a while or are they the body's of the missing firefighter but I had to ignore all have that now and keep pushing on after a while I felt like I as being followed. But that didn't

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