Margaret Miller Viola Concert Report

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Margaret Miller, Viola & Tim Burns, Piano I recently attended the Margaret Miller Viola concert in the Organ Recital Hall. The first thing that caught my eye as I entered the venue was the huge organ in the back of the stage. It was my first time ever seeing an instrument that big, yet alone seeing an organ, it was quite fascinating. My thoughts entering the recital hall was that the concert was going to take quite some time, and have at least more than twenty five pieces of music, but the virtuoso series concert consisted of a total of sixteen pieces, divided into three different sections. Each sections consisted of multiple pieces from three different composers; Rebecca Clarke (five pieces), John Harbison (eight pieces), and Paul Coletti (three pieces). Although every piece performed in this concert were marvelous, there were three pieces that really stood out to me and caught my attention, starting off with Rebecca Clarke’s “Chinese Puzzle” piece. As Margaret Miller and Tim Burns began playing “Chinese Puzzle”, I realized that the song sounded quite familiar, like the song “Bring Honor to Us All” in beginning of the Disney movie “Mulan”. As they continued playing, it sounded more identical to “Bring Honor to Us All” and I…show more content…
“I’ll Bid My Heart Be Still” is an old Scottish border melody that sounds like a Scottish folk song. This piece expresses a lot of emotion, which is why I enjoyed it so much because it made me feel as if I just witnessed a family member get executed right in front of me in a war related incident and I was holding them in my arms as they passed away slowly. The dynamics of the piece helps support this because the dynamics shifts in between a pianissimo (very soft) volume as my cousin drops to the ground and then to a mezzoforte (medium loud) volume when the climax would occur and my family member would take their final breath and close their

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