Why Is Napoleon A Good Leader

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A strong leader is one who can be admired, who listens to other’s input on controversial matters, and one who encourages people to continue in the right direction. Napoleon was held in high esteem by his soldiers and was able to make them the most feared force in Europe. Out of the sixty battles fought, he lost only seven of them, proving he held the genius to conduct a successful military. This strong military ensured the protection and trust of the citizens of France in Napoleon’s leadership. Napoleon’s support towards enforcing a merit system in France made him looked upon as a fair ruler, gaining the favor of the 3rd Estate. Napoleon's military genius and fair decisions led to his status as a good leader. Napoleon’s presence on the battlefield was the equivalent of having forty thousand men. His mere smarts and tactics made all the difference of these estimated forty thousand men and kept the soldiers at ease, aware that Napoleon knew how to guarantee their safety and success. Through his reign, he was able to disunion the Holy Roman Empire,…show more content…
This system was enforced specifically in the military area, allowing for qualified and skilled men to have a chance to defend France. This decision benefited Napoleon, being a factor in his reputation as the leader of the most feared force in Europe, aside from his expertise and tactics. Several other reforms by Napoleon represented his advocacy of the merit system, such as applying the tax system to all. He also realized the importance of education for producing young men with the capability of filling prominent positions in his bureaucracy and high-ranking military, making education more available to the middle class more than ever. Napoleon’s use of the merit system gave him the appearance as a good leader, establishing fairness throughout his
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