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Product: 1. Canada Goose’s Banff Parka satisfies the need for warm and high quality clothing to protect against Sweden’s extreme colds or for everyday wear. 2. Ten years ago, Canada’s Goose’s target market was affluent 30-50 year old Canadian’s. With the expansion of the Canada Goose brand, the target market has shifted towards aiming to sell to affluent 16-50 year olds. Even though its products are designed to withstand Arctic temperatures, the largest part Canada Goose’s target market is composed of customers from temperate areas of climate. Though ‘Goose’ jackets are not needed for their high insolation prowess, many customers still value the jackets for their warmth and react positively to the products because of their authenticity. Of course, like…show more content…
Purchases of parkas are driven by cold weather in Sweden as well as the frequent snowfall during the winter months. The extreme colds create demand for warm outerwear. 4. Purchases of parkas will not be directly impacted by the geography of Sweden, as there are no significant transportation or infrastructure problems. Jonathan Sun 22 5. There are no traditions that conflict with the Banff Parka. The product actually caters to the belief in using quality and practical products. 6. Swedish outerwear is more popularly made of knitwear and is not as warm as Canada Goose parkas. As Canada Goose parkas are warmer and more durable, this product is very appropriate for the Swedish Market. 7. There are several other major companies providing outerwear in Sweden. Two notable countries are ‘The North Face’ and ‘Fjall Raven’. These competitors offer products such as the Greenland Parka or Barents Parka. 8. Very few other retailers in Sweden sell down jackets. Canada Goose would be the first major company to specialize in down jackets. Furthermore, having manufacturing in Canada has cheaper labor costs then in Sweden and allows Canada Goose to produce their product more cost effectively while still upholding their brand

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