Who Is Napoleon A Liar In Animal Farm

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Napoleon Do you think animals could be used to explain feudalism? In the story Animal Farm there is a character named Napoleon. Napoleon is a bad ,selfish pig, and he is a liar. Napoleon does not want what's best for the farm he wants what's best for him. He is a traitor towards the other animals. He is unfair and very negative. This character caught my eye because of his wickedness. Even though Napoleon is looked up to he takes that for granted and treats the other animals poorly.Napoleon is a bad,selfish pig. An example of him being a selfish pig would be when he gets special privileges and the rest of the animals are neglected that right. ”Even in the farmhouse, it was said, Napoleon inhabited separate apartment for others. He took his…show more content…
In this example, it shows that Napoleon doesn't care about fairness, if he did,he would let himself be treated differently from the others. He is selfish because he demands these special privileges when he knows he doesn't deserve it. Napoleon is seen as a liar.This is true because he has been lying and letting people lie for him. By letting people take the fall for him,he is equally to blame and just as much a liar. This is shown through the example “Comrades,” … ”Do you know who is responsible for this? Do you know the enemy who has come at night….”SNOWBALL”(70) This shows that he is a liar because Snowball didn't destroy the windmill and he is not their enemy, however Napoleon wants the animals to think that because he disagrees with the way that Napoleon wants to run the farm. Napoleon shows examples of being a liar in the way he tricked the animals into thinking that Mr. Frederick is a bad person and should not be trusted. ”Napoleon had been in a secret agreement with Fredrickson”(99). This example explains how he has been lying to the animals. This can also be used to show how he wants what's best for him. If he wanted what was best for the farm he would have told the animals about his agreement with the

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