Mitchell Kweli's Equality Doesn T Mean Justice

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Mitchell Kweli created this “Equality Doesn’t Mean Justice” ad. Kweli wanted to create an ad that allows the readers to achieve a better understanding what the difference between equality and justice. Three boys are at the baseball game and they are all different heights. Each were given one box to support them up to look over the fence. One box was given to each person to be fair. Ultimately, the height difference in each of the boys does not benefit each person in the same way. Justice is the picture on the right side showing that each boy is given several individual boxes to look over the fence. The picture is straight forward, a title is provided at the top. Equality does not mean justice is bold and bright red that is straight to the point. On the left and right, two pictures are provided to show examples of what equality and justice are. On the left it has a title Equality above the picture example and on the right, it the title Justice above the picture example. A limited amount of information is provided on the picture; however, it is enough for the audience to understand.…show more content…
The three boys are used as examples to show the difference of height. Each of the boys is a different height and that symbolizes not everybody is the same. It allows the audience to have a better understanding of how equality and justice can take an effect. Each box represents the equality or justice. The same amount of boxes is placed on each side, but the way the boxes are used show the difference of Equality and Justice. Equality and Justice in the world are mistaken for what they stand for. Equality provides the same rights for the group of people; not each person will end up equal at the end. In the United States people are using social media to justify the difference of Equality and Justice. People are using situations that happened to them to show what Equality and Justice

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