Why Is Leprechauns Fake

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Leprechauns a Real Fantasy Leprechauns fake or fiction? For many generations the Leprechauns was described as very short mischievous people with red hair that could grant three wishes. Originally derived from Irish folklore, Leprechauns were said to have hidden pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Although many people believe Leprechauns are mere fantasy, they are real and do exist. They can be found just about everywhere from Ireland to California. Additionally, they are genetically different from humans, but they can grant wishes. Beyond being in Lucky Charms commercials, Leprechauns are very common in today’s world. Initially Leprechauns were first found in Ireland. Professional Historian Dr. Francisco Gillette tells us that First primitive evidence of Leprechauns was recorded in Ireland as early as 1100 AD. Early relics include pots of gold, green trousers…show more content…
Dr. Griffin explains that Leprechauns really don’t have magic but “two additional senses.” These two senses give Leprechauns the ability to see invisible gray matter and materialize it into whatever they want, thus granting wishes. Notably there is historical proof of Leprechauns granting wishes. As a matter of fact, Emperor Augustus won many of his war conquest by finding Leprechauns and forcing them to grant wishes for him (Gillette). Also, Christopher Columbus was always thought to be European but he was actually a Leprechaun. He discovered America by wishing for dry land (Gillette). In particular we also see Leprechauns today in modern society. To illustrate, Michael Jordan received his talent for basketball shortly after upsetting a Leprechaun that wished him to be good at basketball instead of baseball. Further, Steve Jobs the mind behind apple also made wishes to Leprechauns. This was how his company invented the IPod. Originally thought as folklore, granting wishes have become a very real part of today’s

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