Why Is Animal Farm Banned

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Animal Farm, although a classic novel, many still have a complication with the information in the book and what the affair portrays. Different places around the world take the book in contrasting ways, and that is why the American Public Library has Animal Farm in the Banned/Challenged list. Though many have a problem with the content, I think that Animal Farm by George Orwell is a well written book, and I understand that some people might not appreciate the same novels. That’s why I don’t understand why so many people have a problem with books, what they read is their opinion. A big impact, is the time period that it was published in, and that was August 17, 1945. Though the story is set in the year 1917 from the years leading up to the Russian Revolution that reflects the Stalin era in the book. Though when you read the book you rarely take notice of the political aspect of it if you don’t focus on it. Also, the Soviet Union thinks that it is offensive that pigs are the main characters, because they are the “communists,” in the book. That might be a derogatory way to portray the subject, but it can also be interpreted in the way that the pigs are also the smartest creatures in the book.…show more content…
Many communist countries don’t want their people to be exposed on the wrongdoings of what goes on in their government, and then realize that they can start a rebellion like in the book to revolt against the leader in charge. It is said that it presents a strong case of Stalinism. But there is no way you can avoid the topic, because most schools teach different governments in Social Studies classes that inform you on what goes on. Despite the fact that various government related objects are also streamed on the

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