How Did Japanese Trip To America

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The difference of culture between Japan and America, has always been large, and the culture shock which comes with visitation from either place to the other can detract from the understanding of the other culture. When Japanese Samurai visited America in 1860, they journaled their thoughts which included many opinions about the food, women, and how society was run. Also, in 1853 Commodore Perry visited Japan in order to get a treaty signed for commerce. Commodore Perry was highly regarded by the US, but in Japan he was shown as a gout filled alcoholic. The Japanese view America in a poor light because the culture is different from their own, not because either culture is better or worse. In 1860, Japanese Samurai visited America to find that many of the experiences which Americans considered part of their culture, to be disappointing. After arriving the Samurai journaled that they were hungry for a long period of time because none of the food presented to them was appealing. All of the American food was considered quite fancy and delicious to Americans, but to the Japanese the greasy, buttery rice was not edible in contrast to what they were accustomed to.…show more content…
The men tipped their hats to the women in passing, the President’s wife assumed the role of speaking to the guests and was not quiet, and the women were spoken to with respect. This was odd for the Japanese who were used to Geishas, women whose role is to benefit and entertain men. The Japanese also were put off by the dancing which America was so fond of. Consisting of jumping and large dresses, American dances would go on for quite some time and were much too noisy for the visitors. Even when the visitors attempted to retreat from the boisterous party, they were not able to sleep due to the

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